About Us

Steve Brown of Stafford, Virginia, is owner and creator of Mystic Millwork. He has a background in construction, custom stair making, roofing, and interior trim carpentry. But he discovered his niche in unique furniture pieces over 20 years ago.  Steve has a passion for reclaiming trees that would otherwise be destroyed or turned into mulch. After milling the wood himself, and drying for over a year, he turns the rescued wood into beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind tables, cabinets, fireplace hearths, bars, etc.

A native Virginian, Steve appreciates the climate and environment offered here. He’s an avid gardener, hunter, and fisherman. He surrounds himself with a variety of fruit trees he has planted over the years, in addition to the grape arbors he tends to—which were started from pieces of plants people shared. This includes his grandfather’s concord grape plants that are over 150 years old. Of course, none goes to waste. He turns them into wine, jams and jellies. Now that’s nurturing nature!

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